About the game

Library Quest is the outcome of years of experimentation in how to reach students and hold their attention while explaining the library.

As Communications and Marketing Coordinator at RMIT University Library, Rowan Mangan created many in-person and online orientation experiences for students over the years, but it wasn't until Library Quest that they began playing (and learning!) in their thousands.

Rowan believes that if playfulness is brought to learning, the messages will be more effectively received and retained. And there is nothing to lose by making students love their library! The result of these ideas and research into e-learning, instructional design and gamification, Library Quest is

  • fun
  • memorable
  • narrative-based
  • available 24/7
  • cost-effective.

After three years of refining the game in response to student feedback, Rowan is now offering Library Quest as a  tailored e-learning solution to academic libraries worldwide. 

If you've ever heard a student say "I wish someone had told me the library could be so useful," consider starting the next academic year with Library Quest.

About Rowan

Rowan Mangan spent six years as Communications and Marketing Advisor at RMIT University Library. She is passionate about the role university libraries play in academic success and student experience.

Library Quest is a labor of love for Rowan. In making the game available to academic libraries around the world she hopes to give thousands more students the experience of connecting with their library's services through the fun of story and gameplay. 

Rowan is based in California. When not creating e-learning games she is a freelance writer and editor and a PhD candidate in creative writing.