Library Quest is a customized e-learning game that connects students with their academic library. It uses narrative-based gameplay to train students in library skills and introduce the services that will support their studies. 

As a fully customized product, Library Quest will be tailored to your library's own services and tools as determined by you. The game format provides context for these services and the humour and storytelling make it an enjoyable learning experience for students.

The Library Quest formula is established and successful, with a quirky humor that appeals to college students. More than 5000 students have already completed the game and feedback indicates a greater than 90% satisfaction rate. 

Why include Library Quest in your orientation and training offerings for 2016?

✓  It's a 24/7 library introduction accessible anywhere

✓  You won't have to rely on tours and classes to introduce the library

✓  It improves student experience

✓  It contributes to a positive student transition to university

✓ It will lift the library's profile in your institution

✓  It promotes increased usage of your services.

Play the Library Quest demo!

I actually learned stuff!! And it was actually fun! Loved the story :p
This was really great. Quirky, fun and informative.
You accidentally learnt things about how to study!