Games are the most elevated form of investigation.
— Albert Einstein

What sort of game is it?



Library Quest is a browser-based "choose your own adventure" style game. Kept deliberately simple, the game interface uses original digital art to tell a story in which players are the hero. At each stage players choose between different next steps, for which there are unique consequences.

While it is designed according to e-learning and instructional design best practice, the game is written with a strong sense of humor. We believe that if the learning process is fun for students it will help them retain the messages and will also forge a positive association with the library.

Each level of the game involves a challenge: to find information, seek help, or solve a problem. Players click out of the game and into their library website to access the relevant page or application. 

The game's story provides an analogous context for library services. It gives students an intuitive and situational understanding of the times in their studies when different services will be important. 

Library Quest was designed to foreground narrative. A powerful teaching tool, narrative creates meaning for learners at a more profound level than is achieved through straightforward explanation. 

While the services you include in Library Quest is entirely up to you, examples include: 

  • Discovery layer/catalogue
  • LibGuides
  • Ask a Librarian
  • Referencing guides
  • Library tutorials
  • Assignment planner

To support the interactive gameplay, we can also build supplementary multimedia objects into the game, such as YouTube videos.

Designed and written according to e-learning and instructional design principles, Library Quest is a complete training experience that libraries can 'plug and play' through the entire academic year.

As a browser-based game, Library Quest works fluidly across different devices. It is fully screen-reader accessible. 

How is Library Quest customized?

When you have ordered Library Quest for the coming academic year, you will nominate a staff member to liaise with us.

We'll discuss your library's needs and services and determine the best way to adapt the game for you. Our familiarity with academic libraries means that we can discuss the advantages of different approaches and offer informed advice. 

Our team will then go ahead and create a unique game for your library, incorporating your own services and terminology. When the specifications have been incorporated it will be sent back to you for final approval.

Your university's branding can also be incorporated to create branding consistency. Talk to us about how we can help you with this.

What do we get if we order Library Quest?

There are several packages available. Contact us to discuss which package will be the best fit for your library and for pricing information.

Game package

This is the no-frills package. It doesn't cover any support with marketing or reporting.

The game package includes:

  • Two consultations with our team to design your customized game
  • The opportunity to review and provide feedback on your game before the final version is sent
  • Students' verbatim feedback
  • Complete, tailored game ready to be uploaded to your website.

Duration. Library Quest is yours for a full year, up to the beginning of the subsequent academic year.

Delivery. Your customized game will be delivered by an agreed date well in advance of the beginning of the academic year. The game will be sent to you as HTML files to be uploaded to your server. Talk to us if you'd like to discuss remote hosting of your institution's game.

Marketing package (recommended)

It's great to have a top e-learning game... now to tell people it's there! The marketing package gives you all the support you need to get students tuning in.

In addition to everything in the game package, the marketing package offers:

  • A marketing plan with timelines and suggested marketing approaches
  • A variety of poster templates using original Library Quest artwork (to be branded to your institution's guidelines*)
  • A flyer template
  • Pre-written promotional text of different lengths and for a wide variety of communication channels, such as:
    • student portal announcements
    • library website
    • news item (university or library)
    • email for students
    • email for staff (teaching staff are great at promoting the game to their students)
    • LMS promotion

* Because brand elements such as logos are restricted, you will need to add the final elements to the posters in-house. We will offer as much support as possible in this.

For more information, or to enquire about pricing, contact us.

Report package

This is a great way to demonstrate the library's impact and value. Perfect for library annual reports, newsletters, for circulation around the university and to add Library Quest to your training statistics.

If you choose this package, we will analyse the demographic information provided by your students, as well as the all-important feedback. We use this analysis to create a report which also includes a poster-sized infographic clearly demonstrating Library Quest's impact.

For more information, or to enquire about pricing, contact us.

Total Quest package

The deluxe model! Total Quest includes everything in the game, marketing and report packages. This means you are supported in the entire process of bringing gaming to your library:

  • Marketing plan and materials provided in the leadup to orientation
  • The game! Fully customized e-learning game connecting students with their library
  • A report demonstrating how your library is improving student experience and academic outcomes with
  • Library Quest.

Contact us to find out how much you save with the Total Quest package.

Okay, I want to order it. What now?

The first thing to do is to contact us and discuss your needs, including the best package for your library. We are very friendly and love talking libraries, so pick up the phone or drop us a line.

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