Dr Craig Anderson, University Librarian at RMIT

"Library Quest certainly transformed Library orientation here at RMIT. We went from the usual emphasis on classes and tours that weren't always well-attended to an explosion of enthusiasm from the students towards the Library and its services.

Students who have played Library Quest come into the Library with the expectation that we are approachable, knowledgeable, and tuned in to their needs. That alone is valuable, but what's priceless is students' own assertions about how much they'll use our services in future as a result of Library Quest. And with thousands of students playing every year, there's no question this will have a cumulative impact."

Nel Duffield, Learning and Research Services Librarian, University of Adelaide

"Library Quest were very responsive to the needs of our Library and the final product is more than we had hoped for – informative, engaging, and very funny. The customization process was fast and flexible. Our Orientation this year will be a very different proposition!"



Student testimonials from RMIT University

A very fun, interactive and funny way to engage people and encourage them to take advantage of the resources the library has to offer!
Quirky, fun and informative!
I thought it was fun and you accidentally learnt things about how to study!
I really enjoyed the interactive method of learning what the library has to offer. I discovered ways of searching more concisely and accurately. Thanks ULTIMATE LIBRARY :)
Kept me laughing during the whole game  and helped me remember more things about the library when playing this game when compared to reading a flyer about it.
I thought it was brilliant!   What a great interactive and memorable introduction to the RMIT Library Service! Looking forward to exploring it further in person!
A very different approach to explaining something. That difference will probably keep me from forgetting. Thank You!
I have to admit Library Quest actually helped a great deal in alleviating the fear of not knowing what I am actually doing. Thanks RMIT library  I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of me over the next semester.
It was awesome! I’d probably be a bit embarrassed to ask really simple questions in the library  but I feel like I know the answers to the main things like ‘how do i find a relevant book/journal?!’ I’ll definitely feel more confident in the library... plus I’m now an intergalatic adventurer.
For me  speaking as a first year  it provided clarity on questions I really wanted to know about and otherwise wouldn’t have fully understood - Particularly first steps to approaching an assignment. I can see now there are so many resources for students to utilise through the RMIT library system and its taken a lot of stress off! Awesome and fun way to go about it! Thanks a million!
it was well developed as it pinpointed all the area that i had inquiries about. it was creative and visually engaging. i loved how they link to some of the library’s sites e.g referencing. thank you
… now I feel better about where to search for information and also that help for that sometimes needed personal touch is available with ‘Ask a Librarian’.
I was feeling a little unsure of how to approach the Library or even where to begin to learn about it. This little tutorial gave me enough information to know where to start
This was a fun, enjoyable and interactive way of learning about something that seems daunting to a new uni student. Now I feel in control regarding researching and utilising the library resources.
I wish this program was running in my first year. Ultimate clarity. AWESOME!!!
This was really great. I’ve been using the library resources for a year now and I still learned things I was unaware of.
Library Quest was entertaining as well as educational and informational. It was a great quest which helped to learn the basics of the library while trying to catch the villain! :)
I thought it was an informative way to learn about the library. I didn’t know half of that stuff and I’m glad I do now for the next 3 years!