Why should we get Library Quest?

Still not convinced? Here's some reasons to bring playfulness to your library this year.

Get improved student experience

It was informative and fun. It makes me less anxious about starting next week.

Interventions during orientation and transition are likely to improve a student’s overall experience at your institution.

Positive student experience also contributes to retention. In our experience, Library Quest plays a big role in building confidence in commencing students.

Get better information literacy and library skills

Library Quest introduces students to key library concepts and skills. Depending on your customizations, they will likely learn the difference between using a discovery layer and Google, what a library database is, basic searching skills, and how the library can assist them with their assignments. 

Get a cost-effective library introduction

Here's what makes Library Quest great value for money:

  • It can reach thousands of students* 
  • It's a one-to-many product available 24/7
  • It can be played from home or on any campus
  • Once Library Quest is set up, there are no staffing costs compared with library tours and classes

* At RMIT University, Library Quest attracts an average of 2000 student players per year.

Get interactive

With Library Quest, students are actually using your online tools while they learn about them. When combined with the context provided by the game format, this is highly effective learning.

Get a proven formula

Benefit from years of refining this approach: a positive response from 90% of the 5000+ students who have played Library Quest speaks for itself. 

Dr Craig Anderson, University Librarian at RMIT, oversaw the game's development over several iterations. He strongly endorses the game and continues to purchase Library Quest as RMIT's choice for online orientation.

Get a professional format

As a browser-based online game, Library Quest is instantly accessible from computers and mobile devices.

It also complies fully with accessibility conventions and is screen-reader accessible.

Get our experience

We speak students' language. Rowan has six years' experience working to get students enthusiastic about library services and concepts. Our team includes two students. Library Quest is written using a specific tone and style of humor which clearly connects with students.

Get fun!

Last but far from least. Fun is a core value in our approach to library e-learning. Read students' testimonials to see the impact of fun on their learning, retention and expectations. You will also notice that these students have an extremely positive association with their library after playing the game...which never hurts!

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